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The trip

Easter, 3.–17. april 2020. We will enjoy the colorful waterfestival Songkran.

Thailand is, because of its increadibly nice people, good food and beautiful nature, a famous tourist location. But did you know it is also an excelent place for flying? Termikk & Rotor will take you on a trip across some of the best flying spots in Thailand, where you can see this beautiful country from the sky, and develope your skills as a paraglider pilot. 

Termikk & Rotor have travelled Thailand ourselves, as well as cooperated with some local experts to find the best places for flying, so that you will get the best experience possible. We have decades of experience when it comes to guided tours in different countries, both cross-country and thermal flying. The tours are round-trips and we visit various sites. 

Temperatures and flying conditions

Thailand is a hot and humid country, and wind conditions are normally weak. Temperatures in cloudbase are very agreeable, you just need clothes to cover yourself from the sun. 

The thermals are normally nice and smooth, typical flatland/tropical air. 


Pilot level

The trip is for pilots with thermal-experience. As most of the places we visit are thermal- and XC-places, so you should have your basic thermal-skills. Launches and landings are good, but you should also have some experience to land in thermal conditions. 

The aim is to improve and practice your skills with a lot of quality airtime together with our flying-guides. You will get feedback from our instructors both from air and ground. 




The guiding

Our aim is that each pilot, together with our guides, develop their XC-skills. We normally leave one guide at luanch till everybody has taken off. We will be flying with you, dividing into several groups if neccessary. The most experienced can just speed on as far and fast as they can, while the rest flies in gaggles. 



More info on the trip

We have the pleasure to offer a round-trip in Thailand. The tour starts in Bangkok the 3.april 2020,and ends in Bangkok the 17. April. We are going to travel around in Thailand and visit 3-4 different sites. The focus is on guided XC-flying, so you must have basic thermal-skills. The plan is to start around Hua-Hin area, where there is both a coastal soaring-site and a good XC-site. From there we go up to Khao Sadao where there will be an organized XC-event. Then we will move up north in Pechabun province. This travel-plan might change due to weather or other issues.

The price of NOK 12.900,- or Euros 1.290,- include airport-transfer, skilled XC-guides from Termikk&Rotor, transport and pick-up service for flying, accommodation in double-rooms, ( single room is NOK 2000,-or Euro 200,- extra) and GPS-trackers.

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