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Ronny Helgesen

Guide and instructor

Ronny started paragliding in 1987, and has been living of paragliding and parachuting ever since. He started Termikk & Rotor with Tonny in 1999, and has decades of experience when it comes to guided paragliding-tours. He is a very social and happy guy, with an infectious smile. His goal for trips like this is for all the pilots to learn new things together, regardless of wether your are an instructor or student. 

Favorite vegetable: Not really fond of vegetables, but they're good in a mohito

Tonny Karlsen

Guide and instructor

Tonny has been paragliding since 1993, and is one of the founders and owners of Termikk & Rotor. He has more than 20 years of experience with guided paraglider-tours! He is an excellent teacher who has an increadible ability to convey information and what he has learned over the decades he has been flying. He is also a generally funny guy, who will make your trip. If you ask him for interests he will tell you he likes to collect stamps, but really his only interest is paragliding.

Favorite vegetable: Broccoli

Jostein Danielsen


Jostein is half Thai himself, and will therefore be a perfect guide on your trip. He started flying in 2015, and has been flying every year in Thailand ever since, so he knows of all the best places to fly there. He is very patient and happy, and will be a nice addition to this trip. Jostein also enjyos travelling the world, but often accompenied by his paraglider. 

Favorite vegetable: Chili and Garlic

Elling Hildre

Guide and instructor

Elling is a nice, approachable guy who started paragliding in 2013. He is always calm and patient, and will make for a perfect teacher on your trip. A nicer guy is hard to come by. In addition to paragliding, Elling is also very interested in photography and filming, which you easily see if you visit his Facebook-page. It is full of gorgeous pictures and videos. Elling will provide you with a steady place to ask for help, and to be tuaght on your trip, and he will help make sure you get the best experience possible. 

Favorite vegetable: Meat

Ane S. Pedersen

Guide and instructor

Ane has been paragliding since 2004, and has been an important part of Termikk & Rotor for several years. She is an exellent teacher with an increadible ability to explain stuff, and yet her best contribution to the trip might be her constant good mood and beautiful smile. She also loves teaching as she thinks she can learn just as much as the people being tuaght. When the weather is good, what she loves to do most is flying, but when it's raining you might see her out with a bicycle.

Favorite vegetable: Breadfruit

Lasse Store

Guide and instructor

Lasse took his first paraglider-course in 1988, and has been flying activly since 2006. He is a very observant person, who can read and understand situations very well, which makes him an excellent teacher. In addition to paragliding he is interested in speedgliding, kiting, parachuting, hanggliding and model airplanes. He is a happy and funny guy, who will always contribute with a smile. 

Favorite vegetable: Tomato (which is really a fruit and not a vegetable) and Avocado

Nate C. Vervaart


Nate is a classic daredevil whom have not only been paragliding since 2010, but also loves skydiving, speedriding, snowboard and mountain-hiking. He also happens to have an incredible ability to see what needs to be done to find the best in a pilot, and develop their flying abilities. Nate will most defeneatly make your trip worthwhile. He is super nice, funny and approachable, as well as helpfull in all situations. 

Favorite vegetable: Meet pie with peas (It's an Australian thing)

Vebjørn Karlsen


Vebjørn has been paragliding since 2011. He loves to travel, which will make him an excelent guide on your trip. He has been working as a guide with Termikk & Rotor for over five years since 2013, and has a lot of experience with these kind of trips. As well as flying he enjoys photography, scuba diving (if you couldn't tell) and reading. 

Favorite vegetable: Langsat

Markus Hansen

Guide and instructor

Markus took his first paraglider- course, with Tonny as his instructor, in 2010. He has an ability to see posibilities, wich is a very good skill to have on a paraglider trip like this. Other than paragliding he is one of our many Guides interested in photography and filming, as well as loving the outdoors. 

Favorite vegetable: Potato - The apple of the earth

Our Team

Our team consists of a group of professional instructors and guides, with years of experience. We garantee the best care, and safe conditions to develop your flying skills. Everyone in our team has uniqe abilities, skills and characteristics which in cooperation makes your trip exiting and educational.

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