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We have decades of experience on paraglider-tours

Our Story

Everything Started in 1999

Well, kind of. We officially started our business in 1999, but we've been guiding tours since 1996. That was the first year we arranged tours to Mexico, wich is one of our most popular destinations. Since than we've expanded to arrange tours to Brazil, Macedonia, Spain, South-Africa, Italy, La Reunion, Greece and now also Thailand. 

Thailand is a destination we are very excited about, and think can become something great, as the weather conditions are good, the country beautiful and full og nice people, and our costumers are some of the best in the world. Termikk & Rotor is what it is today because of the wonderful people who travel with us, and keep coming back year after year. This also gives us confidence that we are among the very best of what we do.

Meet the founding fathers of Termikk & Rotor

Ronny Helgesen

Ronny has been flying since 1987, and has been living full time of paragliding and parachuting since this time. He is a pioneer and a living legend in Norwegian paragliding as well as still being active on the international competition-scene. He is a paraglider-instructor, acro-instructor, SIV-instructor and a lot of other things.

Tonny Karlsen

Tonny has been flying since 1993. He has been working professionally with paragliding in Termikk & Rotor with Ronny since 1999. He is also a paraglider-instructor, SIV-instructor and a former competition-pilot.

"The air up there was so pure and clean, you would never want to come down again"

- Nitesh Sharma

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